ME 469

Applications of Dynamics in Engineering

Instructor: Professor Brian C. Fabien
Office: MEB 322
TA: Gaurav Mukherjee
Lectures: MW 1:30-2:20 pm, SAV 156,
    Th 3:30-5:20 pm, MUE 153
Office Hours: F 12 noon - 2 pm, MEB 322
TA Office Hours: MF 9 am-11 am, MEB 2nd floor TA office


This course combines results from Analytical Mechanics and System Dynamics to develop an approach to modeling constrained multidiscipline dynamic systems. This combination yields a modeling technique based on the energy method of Lagrange, which in turn, results in a set of differential-algebraic equations that are suitable for numerical integration. Using the modeling approach developed in this course we will be able to model, and simulate, systems as diverse as a six link closed-loop mechanism or a transistor power amplifier.


Undergraduate courses in Newtonian dynamics (ME 230) and electrical circuits (EE 215). This course also requires a good understanding of multivariable calculus, linear algebra and ordinary differential equations.


B. C. Fabien, Analytical System Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation, Springer, 2009.


Richard A. Layton, Principles of Analytical System Dynamics, Springer-Verlag, 1998.
J. H. Williams, Jr. Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics, John Wiley & Sons, 1996.
D. T. Greenwood, Principles of Dynamics, Prentice-Hall, 1988.
E. J. Haug, Intermediate Dynamics, Prentice-Hall, 1992.
L. Meirovitch, Methods of Analytical Dynamics, McGraw-Hill, 1970.

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